Designs Haffstreuner watches

Haffstreuner is a well-known German brand. The watches are originally designed and look stylish. The Haffstreuner watches are robust, oversized, classic and trendy. The watches of Haffstreuner have basic-colours, so the watches match with everything.

Materials Haffstreuner watches

The straps of Haffstreuner watches are often made of leather. The case materials are made of stainless steel. The movements of the Haffstreuner watches can be Quartz or automatic. When a watch has the movement Quartz, then a watch has a battery. Which can work one till five years. Most of the Haffstreuner watches have a date indicator. Some watches of Haffstreuner have a chronograph, which means the watches have a stopwatch.

Prices Haffstreuner watches.

Haffstreuner watches belong to the middle segment prices. 

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