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Kr3w Watches - All Kr3w Watches online!

KR3W is especially known by their clothes. KR3W has stores in Fountain valley, California, Biarritz, French, Sydney, Australia and the United States. KR3W is specialised in skateboard related products. This brand is established by Angel Cabada in 2002. KR3W also sells KR3W watches.

Skateboarding KR3W watches

The KR3W watches are unique watches. The watches have different designs, this way the customers have more choice. The customers can also choose which watches they prefer. KR3W watches have very robust watches, which are inspired by skateboarding. They also offer classic watches. KR3W watches offer high quality.

Materials KR3W watches

The KR3W watches are made of different materials. The robust watches are made of rubber. The classic watches are made of stainless steel. The KR3W watches have different colours. The robust watches are available in the colours green, grey, white and purple. The classic watches are available in the basic-colours like silver and black. 

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Designs KR3W watches

KR3W has designed very unique watches. The KR3W watches can be separated into two categories. These are the robust category and the classic category. The robust category is inspired by skateboards, you can see this in the designs. The classic category is for everyone. The watches look casual and trendy. The two categories are made of different materials. The robust category is made of rubber and the watches have one colour. For instance green, grey, white and purple. 

Parts KR3W watches

The dials of KR3W watches are beautiful designed. They are coloured black or silver or they have the same colour as the watch. The figures of time are indicated with numbers or stripes. The movements are Quartz or automatic. When a watch has the movement Quartz, then the watch has a battery. Which works one till five years. When a watch has the movement automatic, then someone only have to wear the watch and it will charge itself.

Prices KR3W watches

The prices per category are different. The KR3W watches belong to the cheaper segment prices and the middle segment prices. There is a difference in price between the categories. The robust watches are made of rubber and the classic watches of stainless steel, often the stainless steel watches are a bit more expensive. The watches of KR3W are very unique.

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